Design and develop a webinar to inform investors about the robust investment strategy of LG Partners

My roles

  • User research
  • Storytelling
  • Visual design


  • Webinar storyline
  • Webinar visuals
  • Webinar summary

Designing the storytelling workshop

The portfolio investment firm LG Partners wanted to launch an interactive webinar to inform investors about their robust investment strategy. For some time, the firm had been thinking about scaling the delivery of their presentations. With the rising popularity of online presentations and classes, now felt like a better time than ever to turn their ideas into action.

To work as efficiently and effectively as possible, I designed a two-day workshop; from synthesizing feedback of previous presentations to designing slides for visual support. Since a lot of the collaboration was happening remotely, we made sure to have stand-up meetings in between each activity. That way we could stay connected and on the same page.

Day 1

09:30     Weather check
10:00     Synthesize feedback
11:00     Define customer segments
13:00     Ideate the emotional journey
14:00     Define the big idea
15:00     Ideate the main storyline

Day 2

09:30     Creative exercise
10:00     Review big idea and storyline
10:30     Brainstorm visuals
13:00    Design slides
14:00    Practice presentation
15:00    Feedback round

Day 1

Collecting and synthesizing feedback on past presentations

Collecting feedback on previous presentation was done using a Mural. The down-side was not have physical post it notes for synthesis. The plus-sides were not having to decipher each other’s handwriting as well as not having to worry about taking pictures of physical white boards.


Most customers found the message of past presentations to be doom and gloom.


Even long-time investors prefer concepts to be explained at a basic level.


The concept of risk-diversification can also be applied to achieve robust businesses.

Defining customer segments

After articulating key insights from previous presentations, it was time to define customer segments. What are their hopes and fears around investing? What are they already doing? And what might they need help with? Dividing customers into segments would help us develop a storyline and design visuals that resonates with the right audience.

The BAUer

“Sure there’s a crisis, but when it comes to investing it’s business as usual.”

Prospect type
None (to be avoided at all costs)

Investment knowledge
Medium to high

The Soldier

“I want to start investing and I’ve got a lot of questions, especially with this crisis going on.”

Prospect type
Mutual fund

Investment knowledge
Low to medium

The Captain

“With this crisis going on, I’m not sure about my investment strategy anymore and would love some advice.”

Prospect type
Wealth management

Investment knowledge
Medium to high

The Commissioner

“With this crisis going on, I’m not so sure about the ways my assets are managed anymore.”

Prospect type
Wealth management

Investment knowledge
Medium to high

The Advocate

“A lot of my relations seem worried about their asset management.”

Prospect type
None (but very valuable as a connector)

Investment knowledge
Low to medium

Ideating the emotional journey

When looking at hundreds of speeches, most effective presenters use the same techniques as great storytellings. By reminding people of the status quo and then revealing the path to a better way, they set up a conflict that needs to be resolved. That tension helps them persuade the audience to adopt a new mindset or behave differently.

And by following Aristotle’s three-part structure (beginning, middle, end), they create a message that’s easy to digest, remember and retell. How might LG Partners incorporate these techniques into their webinar? Doing so would allow us to remove the doom and gloom of previous presentations and convince investors to adopt a more robust strategy.

*Adapted from Nancy Duarte’s book Resonate. September 2010. John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Defining the big idea

What makes the investment strategy of LG Partners unique? What needs to be the takeaway for investors? And how might we articulate this in one complete sentence? Defining the big idea was a highly iterative process that required us to build on each other’s ideas.

The big idea

Adopting a risk-diversification strategy enables investors and business owners to achieve positive long-term outcomes, even in times of an economic crisis.

Ideating the main storyline

Having defined our big idea, we could now move on to the main storyline. To make sure we implemented our emotional journey clearly and concisely, created a grid with three columns, and five rows. The columns would force us to think in terms of “what is” and “what could be” and the rows would force us to divide the big idea into beginning, middle and end.

Day 2

Brainstorming visuals

When making coffee after our creative exercise, one of us had the idea to “wing” the visuals by going through the storyline with the help of a flip chart and a few markers. Before, we thought it would help us ideate supporting visuals. Afterward, we realized that sketching visuals on a flip chart was actually very effective in explaining concepts at a basic level.

Designing prefab “slides”

To make sure that the flip chart visuals were in line with the LG Partners brand, I went heads down and created prefab “slides” in InDesign. Moreover, the prefab slides would allow LG Partners to spend less time sketching and more time connecting with their audience.

Practicing the presentation

When practicing the presentation at the end of the second day, one of us came up with another idea. While one of the partners presents, the other one moderates. Not only would it make the webinar interactive, but it would also embody one of LG Partner’s core values: partnership.

Wrapping up the workshop

By posting the webinar online along with a summary, LG Partners hopes to inform even more investors and receive even more feedback about their strategy. Having ongoing discussions allows them to continuously improve their investment strategy, both for themselves and for others. Curious about building a robust investment portfolio? Take a look at the online webinar or the digital summary yourself (note that both are in Dutch ;)).