Chris Lueb

Designer / Developer / Researcher / Writer / Yogi

A few cases I’ve studied


An interactive, immersive experience that empowers us to talk and think about the end of life

Clean Cloud

An API that helps existing cloud storage services be more sustainable using AI


A scalable product that helps both introverts and extroverts connect and meet with like minds

Apple Health

A systemic intervention that reduces stress and anxiety for people with type I diabetes

Go You

A conversational UI that helps you stick to your goals and intentions

B&G Clubs

Five physical touchpoints showcasing the value of an arts education to kids and their parents

Some pieces I’ve written

May 2018

How practicing yoga taught me to keep trying

April 2018

What's wrong with design and technology at the moment?

February 2018

The surprising, yet obvious integration of yoga and interaction design

A Bit About Me


I’m passionate about combining my coding skills, visual craft, and yoga practice to design human-centered products, services, and experiences.


My work is guided by (but not restricted to) design thinking and mainly tackles environmental, mental, and physical health challenges.


I’m most inspired, energized, and motivated when collaborating with others, especially with people from other disciplines and backgrounds.

Whether you’d like to hear the rest of my story or share yours with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (hint, I love grabbing coffee).

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